Terms of Service

General terms and conditions of car rental in the Canary Islands
The tariff in the Canary Islands includes:
Unlimited kilometers
Local taxes ( IGIC or VAT)
Free airport service
Second driver free
Child seat (from 9 to 18 kg) and child seats (without backrest)
We do not install child seats in the vehicle
Free bookings, changes and cancellation
Fully comprehensive insurance with no excess
Included :
Accident, Cover- PAI- , Comprehensive insurance CDW – – , Total insurance protection in case of theft of the car -TP –
(There is no deposit of €300 for convertibles – for premium/luxury vehicles: Mercedes class “C”, Porsche Cayenne, A5 Cabrio, Mercedes GLK, etc., a deductible of €600)

This tariff does not include:
Loss or damage of keys or key fob
It is forbidden to drive the vehicle on unpaved roads or in forbidden or dangerous areas (such as roads like sand, beaches, mountains, etc.).
Damage to wheels (rims) and tires. (Punctured tire damage is included in the insurance)
Damage caused by filling the tank with the wrong fuel (misfueling)
Accident or damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
The costs of any legal intervention, traffic violations and penalties are the responsibility of the customer
No liability for personal items in the car
It is forbidden to transport objects on the vehicle (luggage, surfboards, hang gliders, etc.)

  • The minimum age is 23 years. Vehicles in the higher price ranges. e.g. convertibles 30 years. Prerequisite is 3 years possession of the driver’s license
  • The customer returns the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as he received the vehicle.
  • The vehicle may only be driven by the persons listed on the contract.
  • The vehicle may not be transferred and driven between the Canary Islands without permission.
  • The driving license must be valid throughout Europe. Minimum 1 year driving experience.
  • Payment for the vehicle is made by credit card. Visa, Mastercard or Debit. Cash payment is only allowed after prior agreement.